Airbags and seat belts

The airbag and the seat belts are additional objects. The airbags only protect the head, while the seat belts protect the chest, the arms and the legs. Even for short distances, do not forget to fasten your seat belts.

Airbags and children

If your hire vehicle is equipped with airbags, never place the special child seats in the front seats of the vehicle. A warning sticker may be placed in new cars in such a manner, in order to detect the airbags easily.

When having a child travelling on board the car

For a safe journey:
  • Do not ever put the child car seat next to the driver’s seat.   
  • Literally follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure that you have correctly fastened the child safety seat to the seat belt and the child to the car seat. 
  • Place the child’s car seat in the back seat of the car, in order to provide double safety to the child, that of the child car seat, and that of the back seat.

It has been estimated that child safety seats, when they are correctly used, decrease up to 71% the danger of child deaths below 5 years of age, up to 67% the probability of being admitted to hospital from severe injury, and up to a 50% decrease of the danger of causing minor injuries.

What to do when the child gets dizzy in car

Stop for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Let the child breath fresh air and walk in order to get over it.

Dangerous luggage

In case you transport luggage in the trunk of a 7 seats cars for instance, fasten the rear seat belts. This will help to reduce the risk of the luggage being thrown into the passenger area of the car, in case of a collision.

Seat squabs

The highest position for the seat squabs of a 9 seats car and not only, should be at the same level as the highest position of the head of the passenger, and to be placed as close as possible to the back side of the head. Make sure that after adjusting the squab, it will stay in the same position.
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