(CDW) Partial Damage Waiver

The driver can limit his liability for his legal share in any damage to the vehicle for hire :

  1. up to the amount of 450€ plus VAT 23% by paying the extra surcharge of 15,00€ plus VAT 23% for each rental day, for the categories MCMR, EDMR,EDMR and CCMR

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(Τ.P.) Theft Cover

The Theft Cover covers the renter’s liability for total or partial loss of the car hire. In case TP is not accepted by the renter, then he is liable to any total or partial loss/theft and of any damage caused by theft or the attempted theft.

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(F.D.W.) Full Damage Waiver of rent car

If the driver of the rent car wishes to waive the above deductable amount liability, of 450,00€, 600,00€ and 1000,00€, he must additionally pay the daily surcharge of 14,00€ plus VAT 23% for the categories MCMR, EDMR, EDAR and CCMR, the daily surcharge of 23,00€ plus

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(P.A.I.) Personal Accident Insurance

An additional daily surcharge of 7,00€  provides the driver and the passengers the coverage up to 44.020,00€ for any accident that might occur. More specifically, the indemnity for the driver in case of death, total or partial disability is 17.610,00€ and for hospital expenses 881, 00 €.

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