(Τ.P.) Theft Cover

The Theft Cover covers the renter’s liability for total or partial loss of the car hire. In case TP is not accepted by the renter, then he is liable to any total or partial loss/theft and of any damage caused by theft or the attempted theft.

He will also be liable of any damage caused to the car, up to the total purchase value and of any additional cost. Provided that the renter accepts the specific conditions of the contract with his signature, he will surmount the daily surcharges of:

  • 10,00€  plus VAT 23% for the categories MCMR, EDMR, EDAR and CCMR to the excess amount of 400€ plus VAT 23%
  • 14,00€ plus VAT 23%  for the categories CDMR, IDMR, SDMR, CDAR, IVMR and IFMR to the excess amount of 500€ plus VAT 23% 
  • 22,00€ plus VAT 23%  for the categories FVMR, SVMR, LFAR and FFMR to the excess amount of 1000€ plus VAT 23%
    Note.: The coverage of the Theft Cover (Τ.Ρ.) will not be valid in case of negligence of the renter or if the car key is not returned to the company.
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